The Meridian School
formerly known as Meridian STEAM Program and Mosheim STEAM Program (see *** below for the change!)

Serving Youth and Adults, Families and Communities

Classical Education      "Basics-Plus"
focus upon Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
for all levels, abilities, interests, and aspirations

including the Unique EXO SPACE ACADEMY

Youth-Driven "STEAM Power" making and shaping
Innovation, Intellectual Property and a Profitable Future for Families of our Future World

(This is a prototype webpage but there is a start to everything and here are some basics)

[1] An introductory summary of objectives, principles and practices:
"As Above, So Below"

[2] The main points of The Meridian School:

[3] One graphic illustration of Some Things That MAY be done through the Meridian School and its Programs:
All depending upon students, mentors, teachers, mainly - but here are what several of that group have suggested that they would like to see happen, and at least we have the resources for these, and more.

[4] The Meridian School Operations Plan:
The comprehensive business plan, financial plan, and long-term strategic development plan, including curriculums for all grade levels, both onsite and online and hybrid methods of learning.

Readily Available for reading to persons who REQUEST by email or phone. Nothing secret - just that casual passers-by often expect "fully-finished and all-done" even though we have stipulated, clearly, that this is just in a preliminary design state, awaiting those teachers, parents, mentors, and board members to produce their inputs, ideas, suggestions. From the design process, The Meridian School will emerge defined.

[5] The Meridian School Portal - the Action Center for the whole Program:
(this website itself will point and redirect there when there is more set up, in coming weeks)

Note: (as in "Please read this sentence") - this Portal site is under construction. Because some visitors may not understand that last phrase and misinterpret things, such things as websites "in design and under construction" are available to people on a REQUEST basis. Call, write, learn about The Meridian School, describe your interests, and receive. This is the nice, classical, "old-fashioned" way, if you will. )))

*** Why the name change?
We started and brainstormed this initially with a focus on an after-school S.T.E.A.M. program for children in Eastern Tennessee, USA, and in particular the town of Mosheim in Greene County. Now things have grown and changed, and we are starting a School, aiming to have our first enrolled students in early 2017.

Our Network is growing, rapidly, and we have mentors, teachers, advisors, friends, collaborartors, and students of many ages and interest groups in other places around the world! Things are really taking off, "mushrooming!" Well! This is called Growth! And it just came to mind to give things a more "global" sense of identity, and we came up with "Meridian" because our globe is measured in terms of lines of latitude and longitude - and the "meridians" are those lines of longitude, but also, we have "meridians" in our own bodies, these being the fine networks of bioelectric energy flow that make up the Meridian System. Thus, "The Meridian School" now and going forward and encircling our globe, our Blue Planet of Origin, and extending upward into the skies and heavens!

[6] About Us ---
Principal founder and sponsor organizations, and backgrounds to The Meridian School:

Dr. Martin Dudziak (Curriculum Vitae)
The EXO Group (The Exoplanetary Corporation) Institute for Innovative Study
The TETRAD Group

Leading up to The Meridian School, things in which we have been involved before:
Zika-Plus Project (re: Zika Virus; research and communication)
Armstrong Renaissance Center in Virginia
S.H.A.K.T.I. Warrior Academy - multiple school systems
US Care Corps - fitness and social assistance
The Academy @ Institute for Innovative Study
Brain Terrain and "The Brain Train" - education and youth
Aletheia Press - publishing house
CIBI Project - innovative biotech by youth and schools
Pod Labs and PodAtriums - intelligent modular structures
Ars Bio interactive fine arts project
Futures Gateway (international STEM program)
AMERGE - addressing EMP and Public Health through Youth

The "Vision" Video (22 min.)
Watch this Video and you will Feel the Rationale and the Driving Force for what The Meridian School is all about, and with it, all the rest of the aligned programs and projects of The Exo Group

Note (as in, "Please Read This Sentence") -- this site is in the design stage. What you see here is only a sketchboard, a proto-site, a placeholder, awaiting the Board's decisions on specifics. Contact us for additional information.

For additional information contact:
Martin ("Doc") @

Rebecca Grant @

+1 (202) 415-7295 (if no answer/service, this means I am out of the USA and so please use alternate communications!)
+1 (505) 926-1399 (internet phone via Google Voice)

We welcome your Enthusiasm, your Interest, your Support, your Involvement. This is for You and Your Futures.